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Graphene and carbon nanomaterials
Physically prepared single layer graphene Chemically prepared single-layer graphene less layer graphene multi layer graphene
Liquid phase stripping graphene graphene separation solution Functionalized graphene Industrial graphene
Graphene copper wire Graphene radiator Graphene coating Graphene paste
Graphene oxide Single layer graphene oxide Graphene oxide dispersion Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite HOPG
Industrial graphene oxide Self-supporting three-dimensional graphene Foam copper three-dimensional graphene Foam nickel three-dimensional graphene
Graphene on PET substrate Graphene on glass substrate Graphene on sapphire substrate Graphene on quartz substrate
Graphene on Si substrate Graphene on SiO2/Si substrate Graphene on Ni substrate Graphene on copper substrate
Graphene heating film 3D graphene porous film Solid carbon nanosphere powder / solid carbon nanosphere solution Nanoporous carbon powder
Graphene aerogel Open carbon ball Nitrogen-rich nanoporous carbon spheres Fullerene
Water-based graphene slurry Graphitized carbon black Thin-layer graphene Graphene sponge
Bulk graphene nanosheets Single wall carbon nanohorn Small sheet diameter single layer graphene powder Graphene nanosheets
Magnetic graphene Expandable graphite High-purity flake graphite Nano graphite powder
Pyrolytic graphene Graphite oxide powder Loaded metal graphene Electrode piece for super capacitor
Ordered mesoporous carbon material FDU-15 Disordered mesoporous carbon Activated carbon for super capacitors Cubic Ia3d structure mesoporous carbon
Nitrogen-doped mesoporous carbon CMK-3 Ordered mesoporous carbon material CMK-3
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Multi layer graphene 30g BK2019122802
  Multi layer graphene 30g
BK2019122802-01 30g
BK2019122802-02 100g
BK2019122802-03 500g
BK2019122802-04 1kg
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