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Material testing and consumables
Characteristic laboratory Material preparation Metallography and heat treatment Organizational structure analysis
Chemical property test Physical performance test Mechanical property test Common laboratory substrate consumables
Common consumables for imported Laboratory
500元    501-1000元    1001-2000元    2000元以上

Photo ID/CAS Item ID Name/specification price

TEM in-situ liquid chip BK2020050501
  TEM in-situ liquid chip
BK2020050501-01 TL-400
BK2020050501-02 TBL-500
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TEM nanoporous silicon nitride film BK2020040433
  TEM nanoporous silicon nitride film
BK2020040433-01 NE005C1050×50μm
BK2020040433-02 NE050C100.5x0.5mm
BK2020040433-03 NE005E1050×50μm
BK2020040433-04 NE050E100.5x0.5mm
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TEM microporous silicon nitride film BK2020040429
  TEM microporous silicon nitride film
BK2020040429-01 ME050B0.5x0.5mm
BK2020040429-02 ME050C0.5x0.5mm
BK2020040429-03 ME050C10 0.5x0.5mm
BK2020040429-04 ME050E05 0.5x0.5mm
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TEM multi-pane silicon nitride film BK2020040423
  TEM multi-pane silicon nitride film
BK2020040423-01 AR010Z0.1x0.1mm
BK2020040423-02 AR010A 0.1x0.1mm
BK2020040423-03 AR010B0.1x0.1mm
BK2020040423-04 AR010C0.1x0.1mm
BK2020040423-05 TA015A0.1x1.5mm
BK2020040423-06 TA015C0.1x1.5mm
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TEM silicon nitride film single pane BK2020040440
  TEM silicon nitride film single pane
BK2020040440-07 SG010Z0.10×0.10mm
BK2020040440-08 SG015Z0.15×0.15mm
BK2020040440-09 SG025Z 0.25×0.25mm
BK2020040440-10 SG050Z 0.50×0.50mm
BK2020040440-11 SG025A0.25x0.25mm
BK2020040440-12 SG050A0.5x0.5mm
BK2020040440-13 SG100A1x1mm
BK2020040440-14 SG025B0.25x0.25mm
BK2020040440-15 SG050B 0.5x0.5mm
BK2020040440-16 SG100B1x1mm
BK2020040440-17 SG025C0.25x0.25mm
BK2020040440-18 SG050C0.5x0.5mm
BK2020040440-19 SG100C1x1mm
BK2020040440-20 SG050D0.5x0.5mm
BK2020040440-21 SG025E0.25x0.25mm
BK2020040440-22 SG050E0.5x0.5mm
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Synchrotron radiation / SEM silicon nitride film pane BK2020042701
  Synchrotron radiation / SEM silicon nitride film pane
BK2020042701-21 TE100300C(5pcs)3x3mm
BK2020042701-22 TE100500C(5pcs)5x5mm
BK2020042701-23 TE010D0.1x0.1mm
BK2020042701-24 TE025D0.25x0.25mm
BK2020042701-25 TE050D0.5x0.5mm
BK2020042701-26 TE100D1x1mm
BK2020042701-27 TE150D1.5x1.5mm
BK2020042701-28 TE200D2x2mm
BK2020042701-29 TE250D2.5x2.5mm
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Synchrotron radiation / SEM silicon nitride film pane BK2020042702
  Synchrotron radiation / SEM silicon nitride film pane
BK2020042702-01 TE025Z0.25*0.25mm
BK2020042702-02 TE050Z0.5*0.5mm
BK2020042702-03 TE025Y0.25*0.25mm
BK2020042702-04 TE050Y0.5*0.5mm
BK2020042702-05 TE025A0.25*0.25mm
BK2020042702-06 TE050A0.5*0.5mm
BK2020042702-07 TE100A1*1mm
BK2020042702-08 TE025B0.25x0.25mm
BK2020042702-09 TE050B0.5x0.5mm
BK2020042702-10 TE100B1x1mm
BK2020042702-11 TE150B1.5x1.5mm
BK2020042702-12 TE200B2x2mm
BK2020042702-13 TE025C0.25x0.25mm
BK2020042702-14 TE050C0.5x0.5mm
BK2020042702-15 TE100C1x1mm
BK2020042702-16 TE150C1.5x1.5mm
BK2020042702-17 TE200C2x2mm
BK2020042702-18 TE75050C0.5x0.5mm
BK2020042702-19 TE75200C2x2mm
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2 inch intrinsic silicon wafer BK2020042501
  2 inch intrinsic silicon wafer
BK2020042501-56 单抛本征 50.8mm>3000Ω·cm 500μm
BK2020042501-57 单抛本征 50.8mm>1000Ω·cm 400μm
BK2020042501-58 单抛本征 50.8mm>5000Ω·cm 1000μm
BK2020042501-59 双抛本征 50.8mm>2000Ω·cm 2000μm
BK2020042501-60 双抛本征 50.8mm>3000Ω·cm 470μm
BK2020042501-61 双抛本征 50.8mm>2500Ω·cm 1000μm
BK2020042501-62 单抛本征 76.2mm>5000Ω·cm 300μm
BK2020042501-63 单抛本征 76.2mm>5000Ω·cm 300μm
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4 inch intrinsic silicon wafer BK2020042502
  4 inch intrinsic silicon wafer
BK2020042502-50 单抛本征 100mm>3000Ω·cm 1000μm
BK2020042502-51 单抛本征 100mm>2000Ω·cm 500μm
BK2020042502-52 单抛本征 100mm>5000Ω·cm 500μm
BK2020042502-53 单抛本征 100mm>4000Ω·cm 500μm
BK2020042502-54 单抛本征 100mm>4000Ω·cm 200μm
BK2020042502-55 双抛本征 100mm>5000Ω·cm 480μm
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4 inch silicon dioxide wafer2 BK2020042503
  4 inch silicon dioxide wafer2
BK2020042503-43 P<100> 双氧0.002--0.004Ω·cm 500h 300nm
BK2020042503-44 P<100> 双氧1--10Ω·cm 525h 500nm
BK2020042503-45 P<100> 单氧1--10Ω·cm 525h 500nm
BK2020042503-46 P<100> 双氧1--10Ω·cm 500h 1000nm
BK2020042503-47 P<100> 单氧0.001-0.005Ω·cm 500h 1000nm
BK2020042503-48 P<100> 双氧0.01-0.05Ω·cm 500h 2000nm
BK2020042503-49 P<100> 单氧0.01-0.05Ω·cm 500h 2000nm
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4 inch silicon dioxide wafer1 BK2020042504
  4 inch silicon dioxide wafer1
BK2020042504-24 P<100> 单氧0.001-0.005Ω·cm 500h 20nm
BK2020042504-25 P<100> 单氧1--10Ω·cm 500h 50nm
BK2020042504-26 P<100> 单氧0.001--0.005Ω·cm 525h 100nm
BK2020042504-27 P<100> 单氧1--10Ω·cm 525h 100nm
BK2020042504-28 P<100> 双氧1--10Ω·cm 525h 100nm
BK2020042504-29 P<100> 单氧1--10Ω·cm 525h 200nm
BK2020042504-30 P<100> 单氧0.001--0.005Ω·cm 525h 200nm
BK2020042504-31 P<100> 双氧1--10Ω·cm 500h 200nm
BK2020042504-32 P<100> 双氧0.001--0.005Ω·cm 525h 200nm
BK2020042504-33 P<100> 双氧1--10Ω·cm 525h 200nm
BK2020042504-34 P<100> 单氧1--10Ω·cm 500h 285nm
BK2020042504-35 P<100> 双氧1--10Ω·cm 525h 285nm
BK2020042504-36 P<100> 双氧0.001--0.005Ω·cm 500h 285nm
BK2020042504-37 P<100> 单氧0.001--0.005Ω·cm 500h 285nm
BK2020042504-38 P<100> 单氧1--10Ω·cm 500h 300nm
BK2020042504-39 P<100> 双氧1--10Ω·cm 525h 300nm
BK2020042504-40 P<100> 双氧>5000Ω·cm 500h 300nm
BK2020042504-41 P<100> 双氧0.001--0.005Ω·cm 500h 300nm
BK2020042504-42 P<100> 单氧0.001--0.005Ω·cm 500h 300nm
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6 inch single crystal silicon wafer1 BK2020042505
  6 inch single crystal silicon wafer1
BK2020042505-21 二氧化硅P 100 1--10Ω·cm 675μm
BK2020042505-22 二氧化硅P 100 0.001-0.005Ω·cm 500μm
BK2020042505-23 二氧化硅P 100 0.001-0.005Ω·cm 500μm
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