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CVD TMDC 2D thin film / heterojunction
Boron nitride film MoS2 / WS2 / hBN / Graphene heterojunction MX2 / MX2 / hBN / graphene heterojunction MX2 / hBN heterojunction
MX2 / graphene heterojunction ReSe2 thin film Tin diselenide SnSe2 film Antimony telluride Sb2Te3 film
Bi2Te3 thin film Bi2Se3 thin film Tin disulfide SnS2 film MoSe2 film
MoTe2 film NiTe2 NiTe2 film Rhenium disulfide ReS2 film Tungsten disulfide WS2 film
Tungsten diselenide WSe2 film Palladium diselenide PdSe2 film MoS2 film Platinum diselenide PtSe2 film
500元    501-1000元    1001-2000元    2000元以上

Photo ID/CAS Item ID Name/specification price

MoS2/WSe2 corner heterojunction BK2020070302
  MoS2/WSe2 corner heterojunction
BK2020070302-01 1片10*10mm
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MoS2 / WS2 corner heterojunction (WSe2, MoSe2) BKTMDC123101
  MoS2 / WS2 corner heterojunction (WSe2, MoSe2)
BKTMDC123101-01 MoS2/MoS2
BKTMDC123101-02 MoS2/WS2
BKTMDC123101-03 MoS2/WSe2
BKTMDC123101-04 MoS2/MoSe2
BKTMDC123101-05 WS2/WS2
BKTMDC123101-06 WS2/WSe2
BKTMDC123101-07 WS2/MoSe2
BKTMDC123101-08 WSe2/WSe2
BKTMDC123101-09 WSe2/MoSe2
BKTMDC123101-10 MoSe2/MoSe2
BKTMDC123101-11 MX2/hBN/Graphene
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