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Material testing and consumables
Characteristic laboratory Material preparation Metallography and heat treatment Organizational structure analysis
Chemical property test Physical performance test Mechanical property test Common laboratory substrate consumables
Common consumables for imported Laboratory
500元    501-1000元    1001-2000元    2000元以上

Photo ID/CAS Item ID Name/specification price

Process simulation BK2020011877
  Process simulation
BK2020011877-01 连退模拟
BK2020011877-02 热轧模拟
BK2020011877-03 冷轧试验
BK2020011877-04 GLEEBLE 1500热模拟
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Phase transformation experiment BK2020011878
  Phase transformation experiment
BK2020011878-01 相变点
BK2020011878-02 CCT曲线
BK2020011878-03 TTT曲线
BK2020011878-04 线膨胀系数
BK2020011878-05 膨胀仪
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Metal heat treatment BK2020011879
  Metal heat treatment
BK2020011879-01 正火
BK2020011879-02 退火
BK2020011879-03 淬火
BK2020011879-04 回火
BK2020011879-05 热处理炉子
BK2020011879-06 GLEEBLE 3500热模拟
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Metallographic analysis BK2020011880
  Metallographic analysis
BK2020011880-01 组织观察分析
BK2020011880-02 偏光和相衬
BK2020011880-03 夹杂物
BK2020011880-04 晶粒度
BK2020011880-05 碳化物
BK2020011880-06 脱碳层及渗层
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Metallographic sample preparation BK2020011881
  Metallographic sample preparation
BK2020011881-01 金相试样制备
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