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Streptavidin-modified silver nanoparticles (d = 10nm) BK20200319
  Streptavidin-modified silver nanoparticles (d = 10nm)
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PEGylated silver nanoparticles BK20200319
  PEGylated silver nanoparticles
BKAgP04-0005 10 mL,羧基末端,d=5nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP04-0010 10 mL,羧基末端,d=10nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP04-0015 10 mL,羧基末端,d=15nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP04-0020 10 mL,羧基末端,d=20nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP04-0030 10 mL,羧基末端,d=30nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP04-0040 10 mL,羧基末端,d=40nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP04-0050 10 mL,羧基末端,d=50nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP04-0060 10 mL,羧基末端,d=60nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP04-0070 10 mL,羧基末端,d=70nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP04-0080 10 mL,羧基末端,d=80nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP04-0090 10 mL,羧基末端,d=90nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP04-0100 10 mL,羧基末端,d=100nm0.1 mg/mL
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PEGylated silver nanoparticles BK20200319
  PEGylated silver nanoparticles
BKAgP03-0005 10 mL,氨基末端,d=5nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP03-0010 10 mL,氨基末端,d=10nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP03-0015 10 mL,氨基末端,d=15nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP03-0020 10 mL,氨基末端,d=20nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP03-0030 10 mL,氨基末端,d=30nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP03-0040 10 mL,氨基末端,d=40nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP03-0050 10 mL,氨基末端,d=50nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP03-0060 10 mL,氨基末端,d=60nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP03-0070 10 mL,氨基末端,d=70nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP03-0080 10 mL,氨基末端,d=80nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP03-0090 10 mL,氨基末端,d=90nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP03-0100 10 mL,氨基末端,d=100nm0.1 mg/mL
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Oil-soluble silver nanoparticles BK20200319
  Oil-soluble silver nanoparticles
BKAgP02-0005 10 mL,d=5nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP02-0010 10 mL,d=10nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP02-0015 10 mL,d=15nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP02-0020 10 mL,d=20nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP02-0030 10 mL,d=30nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP02-0040 10 mL,d=40nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP02-0050 10 mL,d=50nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP02-0060 10 mL,d=60nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP02-0070 10 mL,d=70nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP02-0080 10 mL,d=80nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP02-0090 10 mL,d=90nm0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP02-0100 10 mL,d=100nm0.1 mg/mL
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Water-soluble silver nanoparticles BK20200319
  Water-soluble silver nanoparticles
BKAgP01-0005 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP01-0010 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP01-0015 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP01-0020 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP01-0030 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP01-0040 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP01-0050 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP01-0060 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP01-0070 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP01-0080 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP01-0090 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
BKAgP01-0100 10 mL0.1 mg/mL
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