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New Order
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order process:
1. Customers browse website products
2. Online purchase (online banking, Alipay, WeChat), transfer to the public (please inform us after the remittance)
3. Billing information (if you need an invoice, please send)
4. The company sends the delivery goods, invoices

Warranty period description:
If our company‘s nano-materials do not have special instructions on the website or product information, the general shelf life of our company is clearly within six months from the receipt of the goods, special storage requirements are carried out according to the website or instructions. If it is more than six months, it is recommended to purchase a new batch of products for use. If you really need to continue using products that have exceeded the deadline, please contact us and we will give some reasonable suggestions.

Characterization data copyright description:
The copyright of the products published by our company is copyrighted by our company. If customers need to publicize or publish articles, please re-characterize the test independently. Do not directly quote our data to avoid intellectual property disputes.

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